Start Navigating (ASA 105)

Already learned how to sail? Learn Coastal Navigation in Manhattan: variety of schedules. Earn ASA 105 Coastal Navigation certification and be able to rent a sailing yacht here or abroad.  Just need a tune-up?  We got you.  See schedules below or  Contact us.

Next Schedule: One Weekend, Manhattan, April 1 & 2

Great timing to knock out the theory and practice problems before putting it in to practice on the water this season.

“Because running aground sucks…”

Real time navigation on the first leg of a Virgin Islands (BVI) trip. Twin sisters and niece/daughter rocking the plotting. The man just drove.

Start Navigating is our coastal navigation course (ASA 105).  You’ll learn the traditional art and science of piloting and near-shore coastal navigation, from chart basics to taking bearings & fixes, plotting courses, “dead” reckoning, correcting for current, etc.  Columbus relied heavily on dead reckoning on his famous voyages, and it’s still the basis for navigation today!  But don’t worry – to modernize things somewhat, we’ll also introduce you to GPS (Global Positioning System), the standard for electronic navigation.  We just won’t let you over-rely on it.  

Just need a tune-up?  No problem.  Join the appropriate session/s.  Weeknights: $75/each. Weekend days: $125.  Ask us about this and we’ll advise what works based on your situation and needs.

Quick stats…

    • soup-to-nuts: from reading a chart to finding your way in pea soup fog
    • classroom course with extensive, realistic practice problems
    • one-weekend or 4-weeknight schedules in Manhattan
    • no sailing experience necessary
    • highest quality charts and tools supplied by us and kept by you
    • text book authored by our Director, Captain Stephen Glenn Card
    • leads to ASA 105 Coastal Navigation certification

asa cert circle smallThis course is fun, challenging and rewarding.  We mostly schedule it in the ‘off’ season of November through March so as not to compete with your sailing time.  The exam is lengthy and a bit difficult, but don’t worry – our students usually score 90 or higher.  That’s what instructors need to do to become certified to teach it.  Just another way we give you MORE…


  • *4 Weeknights: January 18, 25, February 1 & 8*
  • One Weekend: January 21 & 22, 28 & 29, or February 4 & 5
  • Mix & Match Weekends: Any Saturday/Sunday combo of the above

*Can’t do some/all of those Wednesdays?  Contact us to discuss alternate nights.

Ready to do this?  See our scheduling/enrolling page for terms and conditions and how to sign up (call us or shoot us a form right from that page).

Questions first?  Contact us.

Need to just ‘test out’ to get your piece of paper?   You can do a ‘challenge’ of the ASA 105 standard for a fraction of the time and price of the whole course.  Contact us to discuss whether this makes sense for you.